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Medical Fee Calculator

Medicare Fee Schedules 2015, Medical Fees 2015,
Lab Fee Schedule, DME Fees

We do all the calculations for you!

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  • 2015 DME Fees, Lab Fees, Medicare Fees - all locations!
It's simple - it's fast - it's current!

Medicare Fee Schedule, CPT® Codes, HCPCS & DME Codes, RVU based online Fee Calculator

Easy -  Just put in your zip code (or leave blank for national fees), pick your codes and we do all the calculations for you.

Flexible - Change the conversion factor as needed. This RBRVU calculator let's you adjust the conversion factor as often as payers (like Medicare, Blue Cross and others) adjust theirs.

Buy with confidence - We keep up with all the updates for you. Conversion factors are automatic, yet can be changed by you. We make it easy to keep up with ever changing fee schedules throughout the year. It's simple AND affordable.


Price $149
Only $99

Codes and their asssociated fees


Lab Fees included

DME Fees included

J Codes Fees Included (Drugs, Injectibles)

Includes ALL CPT® codes  --  not just a selected set

Print fees to your printer

Search by codes and/or descriptions.

Discounted additional users

Includes non-Facility (Outpatient) Fees

Includes Facility (Inpatient) Fees

Print to a variety of file formats, including text, ASCII, and spread sheets

Export codes, descriptions and amounts to other applications

Specialty Code Selection lists - easily search by your specialty.

Input codes from a CSV file to quickly enter your own list of codes

Report of New and Deleted Codes

Unlimited number of user defined fee schedules.


  * Guarantee: If there are no assigned fees - there is no charge for that fee.

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